(September ⑨th, 2017)

happy cirno day! i hope you're not freezing your ass off like I am!

(August 25th, 2017)

put the navbar off to the side with iframes, looks much better tbh

(July 27th, 2017)

I no longer go by the name "ObsoleteMarisa".

(July 11th, 2017)

I think it's time to end the whole time lag thing, considering most of the things on my website are from 2015-2017.

(July 8th, 2012)

This isn't really an update, more of a shoutout.

Please check out chillwave, Wired Sound, and Time-insert (a cool yume nikki fanpage), they're awesome websites.

(July 23rd, 2011)

The music has now been replaced with MP3 files! The MIDI used on this page can be found in the MIDIs page, the other ones, well, you gotta find them yourself!

(July 23rd, 2011)

Added a MIDI page, going to replace the music on my site with mp3 files soon.

(July 20th, 2011)

FINALLY got off my lazy heck and updated the site.

(July 16th, 2008)

Haven't updated this since forever, will add more soon!

(July 3rd, 2002)

today, my page was just created!!